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Tangible Triumph

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How not to kill a successful Team. — Life is worth living happy.

On my way to Work one morning, listening to an audio book, a statement pops at me “Success is achieving Set goals” Pondering on this, I realise teams are destroyed because we do not know how to manage success of teams when we achieve set goals. A team is considered successful when set targets […]

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Being Single

Girl On Thursday


A while back, I woke up to a group conversation about one of our friends constantly complaining about being single. A lot of people I know are moving in with their partners, getting engaged and have started having kids and some of my single female friends are freaking out!

( The guys are cool, I’m positive men appreciate being single more than women)

I constantly have to remind my girls to calm down, but quite a few are turning 25/26 so the pressure is on a little. What they don’t seem to realise is that, they do not NEED to be in relationships,  they just WANT to be in them. However, they can’t tell the difference they are scared and want to meet the right guy so they can settle down before 30.

I thought we were now living in a society where people were comfortable with being older mothers…

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What I love about 2Baba (2Face)

 On my way to work this morning, 2face’s songs played on my car CD, “what a guy !” are the thoughts that readily comes to mind.

I  love the track  with 9ice (Street Credibility) and really love a recent one called ” Dance in the Rain” .
 In recent times Tuface had evolved into a lot of lyrics around positive vibrations, i just thought that 2Baba was high on “igbo” but listening to Dance in the rain again I realised he was preaching a sermon.

He had finally got the secret formula ,  he needed to relax and enjoy the air. Live life and appreciate it, bask in the sunlight, enjoy the ride, take some time to smell the flowers, it is your life so live it.

I sincerely believe that as average Nigerians we are too hard on ourselves, 2face had fallen a number of times, lots of scandals, numerous kids from different women, but he pressed pause, rewind , then play. I appreciate how he was strong enough to make decisions that was required at the time. We all know about 2face because he is famous, we all have situations we need to review,  the indicators might be blinking red, do not be too frightened to rewind .

I was in a meeting today, and while daydreaming, I remember a quote ” people see you as you see yourself” we need to learn to forgive ourselves, and live our own life.

Tuface has won so many awards, I have lost count,  this inspires me that creativity gets it rewards no matter how many times you fall down.

Love yourself.

Thank you 2Baba for loving yourself to take care of yourself.
Life is worth living happily.

Losing your job could be a good thing.

As higher learning beings, comfort is an instinct that is so  strong that we would do anything to keep our patch.

Most of us allow our job roles to define whom we stand to be, we  put  our jobs which gives us a sense of  security and self worth and standing in society. I agree that success is day to measure on the job, but true success is you achieving your set goals.

I understand that at this point in time you feel disappointed, betrayed, a strong dislike for your colleagues left in the system, especially when you feel you have given your all on the course of duty, you can not stand the look of the Company logo, i truly understand, you might not have a plan B in income, bills will surely slap you in the face, very few people call you, even the kids’ school are breathing down your neck, I understand.
Action Plan
1. Never Panic! : Things will fall into place, I do not know how, but be calm.
2. Never ask for help in desperation: makes matters worse.
  Cool calm and collected.
3. Play around on Social media , be a kid again, you will stumble on articles to make you feel better and see a different perspective.
 Begin a hobby, and do menial jobs, a business could begin.

The truth is you require a nudge to leave your comfort zone, start that dream business now, start hawking your groundnuts, anything you cannot afford shows you were not meant to have in the first instance. Close your ears and eyes to what people are saying, who really cares, begin to live your dream today.

I hope this helps.

Life is worth living happily